Inclusive growth &
sustainable development

Improve livelihoods

UNDP's Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development interventions build the capacities of national actors, institutions and systems with a view to accelerating sustainable economic growth, underpinned by a holistic resilience-building approach that promotes a simultaneous improvement of livelihoods and natural resources. 

UNDP contributed to the establishment of key transformational instituitions including the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), the Entrepreneurship Development Centre and the Ethiopia Tourism Organization. The ATA, for example, led to the improvement in productivity of a staple cereal (teff) by 70 per cent through mechanization methods (AGP report, 2015). 

UNDP's interventions on sustainable development focuses on;

  1. Accelerating economic growth and poverty reduction where UNDP will support the acceleration of pro-poor inclusive economic growth by targeting strategic interventions in agriculture, indulstry, climate change, tourism and private sector development.
  2. Climate Change and resilience-building where UNDP supports the implementation of Vlimate Resilient Green Economy Strategy of Ethiopia integrating interventions in climate change adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, ecosystem conservation, natural resource management, DRM amd livelihood recovery.

Programmes and initiatives

Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Institutional Strengthening of Forest Sector Development Programme
Enhanced Management of Protected Areas Estate

By 2025

Ethiopia envisions

becoming a middle-income and carbon-neutral economy. 

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