Climate Change Adaptation Growth: Implementing CRGE in Highland Areas

What is the project about? 


Climate change in Ethiopia has greatly intensified the degradation of farmland and watersheds in Ethiopia. Local communities in Ethiopian highlands are increasingly vulnerable to climate change and are experiencing a decrease in stream flows; a decline in groundwater levels; drying up of springs; the siltation of lakes; and an increase in the frequency of floods and droughts.

UNDP's programme on climate change adaptation mainstreams climate risks into national and sub-national planning processes thereby increasing the resilience of local communities across the Ethiopian highlands to climate change. The project contributes to the promotion of agro-forestry practices, strengthening drought and flood early warning systems, and enhancing the use of water for agricultural purposes on small farms in arid and semi-arid parts of Ethiopia

The dissemination of early warnings and agrometeorological information to local communities allows for climate-smart planning amongst various stakeholders;

  • Agricultural planning amongst farmers in response to drought warnings;
  • Flood mitigation measures by community groups in response to flood warnings; and
  • Precautionary measures by livestock herders to protect livestock when heat-waves are predicted. 

Project outputs and results


  • Capacities enhanced for climate-resilient planning among communities
  • Use of  a functional climate information and Early Warning System to monitor weather conditions.
  • Adapted and diversified income and employment opportunities generated for local communities, with a focus on climate-smart agriculture and integrated watershed management



Project start date:

January 2017

Estimated end date:

December 2021

Focus area:

  • accelerate structural transformations
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Ethiopia

    Implementing partner:

    Min. of Environ., Forest & CC

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    Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • United Nations Development Pro
  • Global Environment Fund Truste
  • Amount contributed


    Delivery in previous fiscal year

    2020 $415,103

    2019 $1,117,957

    2018 $2,729,106

    2017 $766,723

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