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Promoting Sustainable Rural Energy Technologies

Promoting Rural Energy Technologies (RET) project aims to reduce Ethiopia’s energy-related CO2 emissions by app 2 m tonnes CO2e by promoting renewable energy and low GHG-producing technologies as a…  

Integrated landscape management to enhance food security and ecosystem resilience in Ethiopia

The Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) project is implemented to enhance long-term sustainability and resilience of food production systems by sustainabily managing key environmental resources.  

Enhanced Management of Protected Areas

This project will contribute in the mid-term to long-term impacts by reducing the threats to wildlife, agro-biodiversity and forest ecosystems, reduced poaching, decreased unsustainable use of natural…  


Urban NAMA COMPOST project is designed to promote greater use of Integrated Solid Waste Management and Urban Green Infrastructure approaches in Ethiopian cities/towns.  

Climate Change Adaptation Growth: Implementing CRGE in Highland Areas

UNDP's programme on climate change adaptation mainstreams climate risks into national and sub-national planning processes thereby increasing the resilience of local communities across the Ethiopian…  

Institutional Strengthening of Forest Sector Development Programme

Forest Sector Development Programme builds instituitional capacities to increase forest coverage; promote science and research to enhance sustainable use of forests; works on forest conservation and…  

Joint Programme on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

This joint programme is undertaken by six UN agencies (UNDP, UNICEF, ILO, UNFPA, UNWOMEN and UNESCO) in order to support national policy and strategy on gender equality and women empowerment at both…  

Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre

The EIPKTC was established back in 2011 to provide training and build the capacity of civilians, military and police to serve in peacekeeping operations, thereby addressing critical training gaps in…  

Governance and Democratic Participation Programme

The Governance and Democratic Participation Programme (GDPP) is a multi-year and multi-stakeholder programme that became operational since July 2017 in response to Government of Ethiopia’s request…  

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The overall objective of the programme is to bring about a transformational change in unleashing the growth potential of micro and small-scale enterprises by 2020  

Capacity Strengthening for Industrial Development

This project seeks to provide catalytic support towards strengthening the national capacity for enterprise development in the area of the industrial sector.  

Enhancing National Capacity for Agricultural Growth and Transformation

Through this project UNDP provides institutional capacity building for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Transformation Agency who are undertaking substantive and transformative…  

Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre

The African Centre for Peace and Security (ACPST), established in 2011, is a newly created centre in Addis Ababa with a mandate to enhance the ability of practitioners to improve human security in…  

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