A south-south experience sharing opportunity facilitated by UNDP Ethiopia has created better understanding in the fight against corruption in Ethiopia.

Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) commissioner Laode M Syarif attended Ethiopia’s commemoration of the 2018 international anti-corruption day where he presented KPK’s ongoing progress and the lesson Ethiopia can draw from the experience.

The Commissioner explored the multi-pronged anticorruption strategy that is being implemented to combat corruption in Indonesia, which he said has brought about strong public support and trust in the KPK. 

Commissioner Laode M Syarif argued that the independence of the anti-corruption agency to investigate and prosecute cases without interference from the office of the Attorney General and Supreme Court has greatly enabled the KPK to prosecute high profile officials on corruption offences.

During the event, Speaker of the House of People's Representatives, Tagesse Chaffo said the effect of corruption in Ethiopia is beyond the economy and undermines rule of law and creates mistrust, social and political leading to human right violation.

The speaker stressed that the new waves of reform has opened up the opportunity more than ever institutions to double their effort to fight corruption and maladministration.

The 2018 international anti-corruption day was co-organized by Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC)and UNDP Ethiopia, bringing together more than 200 participants drawn from federal and regional institutions including parliament, ministries, civil society, professional associations, political parties, media, religious groups and institutions actively engaged in the fight against corruption.

FEACC is one of the partners supported through UNDP Ethiopia’s Governance and Democratic Partnership Program (GDPP). The GDDP is financially supported by Sweden and Austria.

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