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UNDP and representatives of Democratic Institutions in Ethiopia came together to endorse a gender analysis study of the Governance and Democratic participation Programme (GDPP).  

The GDDP is a new five-year USD 40 million for Ethiopia (June 2017 to December 2021) that seeks to capitalize on the existing momentum and opportunities offered by the government's commitment to enhance its responsiveness and promote an inclusive and sustainable development agenda. The GDDP is currently supported by the Government of Norway, Austria Development Agency and Swedish International Development Cooperation.

The gender analysis examined gender considerations and integrations in the GDPP while also assessing gender mainstreaming capacities, structures and needs in selected democratic institutions who are working in partnership with GDPP.

Ethiopia has shown progress, particularly in the last few months, to elevate women to leadership positions in the political sphere. However, the study highlighted that women are still under-represented in positions of authority, decision making and expert levels in the democratic institutions.

The study spotted mixed results regarding gender equality in the governance realm. While there are gaps in policies, structures and implementations, the current review of the civil society organizations and electoral laws were cited as positive steps taken to move the gender agenda forward.  

Some of the recommendations identified by the study include enhancing gender awareness complemented with gender mainstreaming tools and guidelines.  It also calls for democratic institutions to set aside targets and budget to increase representation of women in decision making as well as improve the organizational structure and culture to be more conducive to women.

Deputy Secretary General of the Secretariat of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Mr. Tamir Kebede, also encouraged all democratic institutions to use the recommendations of the study to enrich and improve gender programs within their institutions.

Speaking at the event on behalf of UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Christophoros Politis, anticipated the recommendations of the study will inform policy, structural and implementation strategies of gender in the governance institutions.

The Governance and Democratic Participation Programme (GDPP) is a multi-year and multi-stakeholder programme promotes an all-inclusive sustainable development by strengthening governance institutions, mechanisms and processes that facilitate and enhance transparency and accountability; rule of law and justice; wider civic participation, national cohesion and peace.

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