Setting up ‘Women Speakers Forum’

Aug 27, 2018

A National forum aimed at building the capacity of women parliament and council speakers to promote women agenda was launched in Addis Ababa.

In this first ever initiative, over 480  out of 521 speakers and deputy women speakers drawn from woredas, special woredas, zonal, regional, city councils and federal Parliaments across the country have participated.

The initiative, which is part of UNDP Governance and Democratic Partnership Program, managed by the platform called ‘Women Speakers' was a major milestone in the history of the parliament’s commitment to promote gender equality and advancement of women.

 The forum offers parrticpants to exchange of ideas, practices and experiences in addition to using the stage for taking joint action and decisions on gender sensitive matters at their respective Parliaments.

The forum elected 21 executive committee members and discussed guideline to institutionalize over the coming months its communications and overall implementation of the forum’s work.       

The committee will coordinate and follow-up the implementation of the agreed action points. The forum will meet regularly on annual basis and its executive committee will convene its meeting three times a year.


Since the election of Prime Minister Abiy, women representation in higher government offices has increased. He has signaled in his different speeches that addressing women issue would be a matter of priority for his government. In his recent 16-member cabinet, four women minister were included, an increase from past women’s cabinet reprsntatioion.

In April, 2018 Ethiopian parliament elected Muferiat Kemal as Sepeker for House of Peoples’ Representatives, marking the first ever female House speker and in May 2018 Ethiopian House of Federation (HoF) elected Keria Ibrahim was as its speaker making her the second woman to hold this title in Ethiopian government.

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