Ethiopian entrepreneurs access Microsoft business tools

Apr 9, 2016

Microsoft Executives Mr Chamu M’Kombe and Mr Daniel Argov with Ethiopian entrepreneurs and business advisors

Entrepreneurs with young businesses and hopeful startups have participated in a customised training sessions to advance their knowledge and gain hands-on skills in innovative and results-based approaches to developing, sustaining and growing their businesses.

The sessions with Microsoft executive volunteers were held in Addis Ababa and Mekelle as part of the ongoing partnership agreement signed in 2014 between Microsoft East Africa Ltd and UNDP Ethiopia around the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP). Through this partnership locally established businesses and startups will access Microsoft 4 Afrika’s Build Your Business (BYB) trainings.   

Topics covered by the entrepreneurs include gaining a deeper understanding on startup structure, resource mobilization, financial management, customer base development and product quality assurance. In addition, much emphasis was given to business communication and marketing. Participants learned from world-class business models, explored peer networking systems and actively engaging in a business canvas exercise. They were also encouraged to tap into the growing local mobile and internet communication networks to develop their businesses.

The Addis and Mekelle trainings follow an earlier session for entrepreneurs in Hawassa and Bahir Dar held in 2015.

The Microsoft training sessions were organized by the Entrepreneurship Development Centre, which was established back in May 2013 by UNDP and the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. The Federal Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agency (FeMSEDA) providing oversight of the centre’s daily activities.

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