Democratic Institutions Endorse new Forum

Dec 19, 2015

Ethiopia’s seven key public democratic institutions have endorsed the establishment of a Democratic Institutions’ Forum (DIF), which will be set up with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


Prior to the DIF the country’s public democratic institutions received capacity building support under the Democratic Institutions Programme (DIP), a five-year multi-donor programme  (2008 – 2012) coordinated by UNDP.


The Democratic Institutions’ Forum seeks to strengthen the capacity of the democratic institutions by creating platform for information sharing, learning, reflection on governance issues, and review of performance.

The House of Peoples’ Representatives is expected to host the biannual meeting of the forum. In her opening statements, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives’, Ms. Shitaye Minale commended, “UNDP’s technical support in drafting the Memorandum of Understanding and its financial support that initiated the first meeting.” She pointed out that such a forum will help institutions to exchange ideas and experiences and better tackle governance priorities in the country.


Speaking at the event held in the town of Bishoftu (19-20 December 2015), UNDP country Director, Samuel Bwalya highlighted, “Effective coordination mechanism among the different democratic institutions is fundamental to promote good governance in this country.  This forum will serve as a vehicle for a structured and regular dialogue among the institutions, development partners and the government,” he added.


The meeting resulted in the endorsement of the draft Memorandum of Understanding by The House of Peoples Representatives (HOPR), The House of Federation (HOF), Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman (EIO), Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC), National Election Boarded of Ethiopia (NEBE) and Key Justice Institutions (Courts, ministry of justice, the Police).


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