Local Investor Receives Justice

Birhanu Alaro with his case file

Birhanu Alaro found his livelihood threatened when the Hosana Town Municipality decided to have his poultry and home demolished to provide
land for another investor.

Birhanu shared his misery and disappointment saying,”It was a disaster
for my family of nine when all the coops for the 510 egg laying hens and
houses including our home were bull dozed by the Municipality
task force.”


  • DIP supports the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman (EIO) to have enhanced capacity to receive, investigate, and follow up on administrative complaints, resulting in improved promotion, claiming and enforcement of citizen’s rights.
  • The EIO has established five regional branches.
  • EIO has pioneered the use of e-case management to manage complaints received from citizens and now able to respond promptly to complaints received.
  • The institution is facilitating the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act to provide citizens voice in all governance matters

Berhanu added, “ I had no any other option except sending my children to my relatives in the rural areas to stay there as my family had no home and income to live in this town.

He said that he took his case from the Regional High Court to the Prime Minister’s Office but he could not get justice . He indicated that his case had full coverage on Ethiopian Television Programme called ‘Ayinachin” which follows an investigative reporting on different issues and exposed the harm inflicted on him and his family as a result of maladministration practices by some Municipality officials in the name of investment.

But it was only when he filed his case with the Ethiopian Institute of the Ombudsman that he witnessed some progress in his case. An EIO investigator, Ato Deneke Shanko was assigned to follow up and visited the site, negotiated with the officials and wrote letters to the Municipality authority to return the land with fair compensation for the properties Birhanu lost. Birhanu said that within a very short time, EIO helped him get his poultry investment back with a compensation of more than half a million Birr.

“EIO is a God given democratic institution for me,’ Birhanu said, adding, “ EIO saved my family from remaining hopeless and homeless’. Birhanu’s son also said, “ I consider regaining our property is like getting the life of a dead man back, adding, “For me this is like resurrection.”

Since getting a favourable outcome, Birhanu has started building houses and other necessary facilities to start his poultry investment again.

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