Leadership training for staff of public democratic institutions

Through the Governance and Human Rights programme, UNDP primarily provides up-stream policy advice, technical support, capacity building and brokering partnerships within the UN and development partners.

Grounding UN Democratic governance principles UNDP helps the government to put in place the right mechanisms, appropriate systems and capacity for monitoring and implementing international principles that Ethiopia has signed up to. UNDP is also actively involved in the promotion of human rights education, and providing policy advice on domesticating international laws, including promotion of gender through the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDWA).

Coordination and Partnership building UNDP, through its role as chair of the UN Governance Technical Working the area of governance in Ethiopia. Using its brokering role between the development partners and the government, a thirteen- donor programme on Democractic Institution programme (DIP) and the 26 donor Development Assistance Group (DAG) are coordinated by UNDP.

Through its leadership programme, UNDP focuses on helping senior leadership in Ethiopia, at ministerial and ambassadorial and regional presidential level, to be exposed to developing issues and have access to new thinking and skills through access to training, twining with institutions such as think-tanks, and south-south cooperation. Ministries identified as key drivers of development change have been identified for initial engagement for the three-year programme.

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