Climate, Risk and Resilience

UNDP is helping to strengthen the national capacity of 135 developing countries to manage the environment in a sustainable manner to advance poverty reduction efforts. UNDP Ethiopia Country Office has facilitated the formulation of the national Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) document as well as sector and regional plans and provided finances to for the establishment a national CRGE Facility and CRGE Registry. Read brief highlights of UNDP's intervention in Ethiopia

Our Goals

UNDP strongly advocates for, and facilitates Ethiopia's access to new, modern and environmentally friendly practices as the country pursues the achievement of low emission strong economic growth. more

Climate Change and Vulnerability

UNDP’s intervention in Ethiopia has kept its eye on long-term development and thus continued to encompasses a wide range of policy as well as grass root level engagement as a down-payment on the country’s resilience. UNDP uses 3 complementary approaches; inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability to lead its interventions in the areas of; •Environment & biodiversity conservation, •Climate change adaptation & mitigation, • Disaster Risk Management & livelihood recovery. more

Our Stories

water harvesting
Empowering Communities to Build Resilience

Throughout most of his 55 years, Mohammed Hassen and his family have faced much suffering during on-again, off-again droughts that have ravaged his district in northeasternmore 

Ali Hamadu with the Jeldi Cooperative’s sheep under fattening
Pastoralists begin to cope with climate change effects

Drought and its consequences such as water and feed resources scarcity as well as loss of livestock have badly challenged pastoralists in the Afar lowland areamore 

Projects and Initiatives

  • Support to Ethiopia's Climate Resilient Green Economy

    The objective of the funding Facility is to improve environmental management for a climate resilient green development by providing grants, loans or ex-post rewards for capacity building, or implementation of sectoral CRGE Investment Plans, priority initiatives, technology generation and/or transfer, or for a combination thereof.more 

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