Private Sector Development

What is the project about

UNDP’s  Private Sector Development project helps to strengthen the capacity of the Ethiopian private sector through interventions that include enhancing public-private dialogue, institutional strengthening of the chambers and women entrepreneurs,  as well as the leather industry.

Support is also provided for the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange & Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Authority.


What have we accomplished so far

Ethiopia's access to new knowledge and bench mark best practices in the global leather sector has been enhanced through targeted South-South cooperation. Learning visits have been arranged to China and India for leather industry professionals, from Ethiopia's Leather Industry Development Institute, to gain lessons in the production of leather goods, as  well as footwear fashion designing. A fashion design centre has now been established in Ethiopia to enhance the country's global competitiveness through the production of modern and high quality leather products.

A platform for private-public dialogue has also been established through the support of this project.

Who Finances it?

Financing from this project has been provided by UNDP.

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Amount disbursed per year (USD)

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