Harnessing Diversity for Sustainable Development and Social Change

What is the project about

The Joint Programme on Harnessing Diversity for Sustainable Development and Social Change helps to further develop Ethiopia's ongoing efforts to alleviate poverty through harnessing the immense potential of the cultural as well as the natural diversity of Ethiopia towards sustaining the Country’s development and social progress.

The project employs a participatory approach that engages men and women in intercultural dialogue, and formulate small scale income generating activities.

The joint programme also seeks to develop and implement policies and legal frameworks to protect and safeguard Ethiopia’s natural and cultural heritage in all its tangible, intangible and mobile forms.


What have we accomplished so far

Two hundred trainees have benefited from Training of Trainers (ToT) organized for skill development in product design, production techniques, quality control, promotion and accounting/business development plan;

The skill and knowhow of local craftsmen and craftswomen on craft design and production was developed and upgraded. 168 individuals benefited from this training in Tirgray Regions of which 50% are women.

Consultation on Tourism Branding possibilities have been successfully conducted in the Harari Region and this has created a good opportunity for participants to share experiences on tourism branding.

Comprehensive survey has been undertaken creating linkage between traditional and modern practices in heritage conservation.

Two studies have also been conducted on the value chains of the craft industries in Oromia and SNNP regions and modalities of linkage between actors in the value chains developed.

Three workshops have been organized for incoming tour operators to help them become better informed on current and potential interests in the tourism sector.

Who Finances it?

Financing from this joint project has been provided by MDG Achievement Fund, which has provided 851,120.00 USD to UNDP and a further 4,102,308.00USD to UNESCO.

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Amount disbursed per year (USD)

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