Local Economic Development

What is the project about

The Local Economic Development (LED) project supports the Government of Ethiopia seeks to strengthen public-private partnerships at regional and local levels in order to stimulate investments, generate employment and create an enabling environment for private sector and entrepreneurial development.

The LED project's objective is to promote inclusive growth and create decent employment opportunities for women and youth through creating enabling environment, developing capacities of the relevant public, private sectors and civil societies and targeted intervention.

Led became operational in 2009 and is nationally contextualized and integrated within the government system of seven cities in four Regions. The LED strategies in these regions were developed through a participatory planning process and have been implemented and managed by the local partners.

What have we accomplished so far

The LED intervention has helped the creation of jobs for over 13,000 Ethiopians, from disadvantaged backgrounds and vulnerable groups.

Over 1000 enterprises and cooperatives were established and strengthened in 7 cities across four regional states.

The LED project has now been scaled up to 27 strategic cities in 5 regions and 1 city administration. A conducive enabling environment has also been created for effective planning and implementation of 20 inclusive micro-finance strategies and other strategic initiatives.

Who Finances it?

Financing of 16,398,973.00 USD for this project was provided by UNDP.

Delivery in previous fiscal year

Amount disbursed per year (USD)

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