Enhancing National Capacity for Agricultural Growth and Transformation

What is the project about

Agriculture sector provides employment  to 85% of Ethiopia's population and contributes 44% to the county's GDP  and 85% of its export earnings. 

Through this project UNDP provides institutional capacity building for the Ministry of Agriculture and The Agricultural Transformation Agency who are undertaking substantive and transformative intervention measures that are aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security.

What have we accomplished so far

UNDP has helped build the capacity of the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), through the deployment of senior staff to lead the agency. The ATA was established to help identify and design solutions for systemic constraints in Ethiopia's agricultural sector.

UNDP has also helped Ethiopia to bridge the sub-national capacity gap for integrated water resource development in developing regional states. The National Technical Assistance Unit, set up by Ministry of Agriculture with the assistance of UNDP, has supported the country's emerging regional states,  in the study, design and inspection of water supply and irrigation schemes developments.

Who Finances it?

Major sources of financing for this project comes fro AECID, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CIDA, AND UNDP.

Donor period funds (USD)
UNDP 2011 3,858,995
AECID 2011 369,913
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2011 11,769,895
CIDA 2013 10,000,000 (Canadian dollars)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

                     Amount disbursed per year   

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