Capacity Development for Effective Coordination and Implementation

What is the project about

UNDP has been providing ongoing support to national and sub-national actors with the objective to enhance capacity to exercise their legal functions and responsibilities.

The Federal Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) and its sub-national counterparts (BoFED, WoFEDs) are established to, among others, initiate policies, coordinate the preparation and implementation of national development plans and  follow-up and evaluate the performance of general, sectoral and multi-sectoral development plans.

The Capacity Development for Effective Coordination and Implementation Project is designed with the aim to enhance capacity of national and sub-national institutions (MoFED, BoFED and WoFEDs and other government agencies) to enable them to carry out their implementation and coordination mandates more effectively.

What have we accomplished so far

Through this project, UNDP has supported the deployment of 130 technical assistants and 93 UN Volunteers  to key targeted national, regional and local government institutions throughout Ethiopia. It has also helped address key emerging and critical capacity needs of the GoE and UNDP country office. Support has also been provided to enable Ethiopia to hold a series of capacity building trainings for officials and key experts at national, regional and woreda levels on results-based management. This has included the training abroad of 28 key experts on results based management.

Senior officials have also taken part in major international and national events of national significance.

This project has also supported quarterly monitoring and evaluation and bi-annual review of UN assisted programmes as well as work plan preparation and regular stakeholder consultative meetings.

Who Finances it?

Financing for this project comes from UNDP core resource

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