African Centre for Peace and Security Training

What is the project about

The African Centre for Peace and Security (ACPST), established in 2011, is a newly created centre in Addis Ababa with a mandate to enhance the ability of practitioners to improve human security in Africa.

The training centre is an affiliate to the Institute of Security Studies and works to build the capacity of security and civilian personnel to develop research, training and policy development capacities to support regional and national institutions working in the area of peace, security and human rights in Africa.

The centre augments knowledge and human security issues, facilitate the acquisition of practical skills on how to improve human security and support the building of networks among practitioners while promoting knowledge sharing and combating human security threats.

What have we accomplished so far

Through the support from UNDP to establish a regional centre to function effectively as a centre of excellence in Peace and Security Training in Africa.

The Center was successfully launched on at the Addis Ababa office  and the African Centre for Peace and Security Training (ACPST) has taken its first group of students from 17 African countries.

ACPST has also organized a two-day workshop in Dakar “A Regional Dialogue on Human Security in the Sahel” for 24 participants from Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali, Chad, Niger, Mauritania, Algeria, Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon and Burundi.

The centre has also run an interactive course - Corruption and Human Security in Africa: An Anti-Corruption Toolkit. Around 21 participants were selected from 16 African countries to take part in the course.

A course on Governance and Human Security in Africa has been organized for participants from various African countries.

Who Finances it?

Finance for this project is received from the Government of Japan.

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