Strengthening National Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihoods Recovery

What is the project about

This Project primarily focuses on building institutional capacity in Ethiopia for Disaster Risk Reduction and resilience and recovery capacity of communities prone to disaster.

Through the Strengthening National Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Livelihoods Recovery, UNDP helps Ethiopia build up its capacity for risk identification, integrate DRR into development planning, and strengthen the country's disaster preparedness and response system management and overall disaster risk management at Federal and Regional and local levels.

The project also helps enhance coordination at national, regional and local  levels for improved emergency management, disaster risk reduction, food security and long term sustainable development. It also focuses on improved, diversified and adaptive livelihoods for vulnerable Crop and livestock farmers and pastoralists and enhancement of water security through water resource rehabilitation and/or development in target regions. Integrated watershed and flood management systems and settlement programmes are also developed for flood-prone communities while internally displaced persons (IDPs) are returned and integrated with enhanced livelihoods

What have we accomplished so far

Implimentation is underway of the livelihoods diversification schemes established in Gambella and in Somali region. Improved seeds, farm tools and veterinary drugs and the establishment of community based animal health workers has helped communities in diversifying incomes and livelihoods.

Over 717 persons, fifty percent of whom are women, have benefited from the various livelihood interventions under this project in Gambella and Somali regions. Livelihood activities underken included cash-for work, such as in the construction of water harvesting facilities (Birkas), water reservoirs, and hand pump wells. Seed multiplication sites have also been established and livestock/agriculture market centers have been constructed.

The project has also supported the early recovery needs of 1,660 flood affected households in Gambella by safeguarding their livelihoods through the provision of farming tools and agricultural inputs

Community based early warning systems for mitigating the impacts of flood hazards have been strengthened through the provision of megaphones, bicycles as well as training and implementation of community based flood protection projects. 

Embankments have been established in four pilot kebeles (the smallest administration points), including around local schools, to act as protection from flooding.

A total of 4,839 households were assisted in voluntarily resettling from their hazard-prone location to safer grounds.

Through the support of UNDP,six standardised modules on DRM are being developed for Ethiopia, which will help enhance the skills and knowledge of country's DRM professionalss.


Who Finances it?

The Strengthening National Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihoods Recovery project is implemented with a budget of 4,375,000 USD funded by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UNDP-Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR).

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