Piloting New Development Approaches in Ethiopia through the MDG Achievement Fund

16 Aug 2013

Report Summary

The past three years has seen the five programmes supported by the MDG
Achievement Fund successfully pilot new development approaches in Ethiopia. Many of these approaches are already beginning to assist the government and its development partners to reach out more effectively to some of the
country’s most vulnerable people.


New, holistic ways of assisting women, farmers, small-scale producers and tackling child malnutrition have all been incorporated into wider-scale government efforts.

While the five programmes successfully tested new approaches, they also delivered concrete development results for individuals, communities and national institutions. They empowered thousands of people through new
knowledge alongside economic, social and health opportunities. At the same time, the programmes helped establish or strengthen community groups among women, pastoralists, farmers, small-scale producers, crafters and
artists. These included economic groups, such as cooperatives and savings associations, which are now helping their members to increase their incomes or to reach new markets. These also included self-help organisations that built
confidence among members and positively influenced wider community attitudes.

Where national institutions are concerned, better knowledge, capacities and policies are enabling them to respond more effectively to the needs of the communities they serve.

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