How might we create a way for companies and individuals to receive and manage their licensing faster and easier?

Oct 12, 2020

Description:  One of the core activities of government institutions is provide licensing to companies and individuals so that they can legally operate in the country. Commonly, licensing requires submitting of documentations to apply for the license and subsequently apply for renewals and make payments annually.  Currently available system requires multiple physical visits which is dangerous for customer and workers during COIVD-19. The team that process these applications can’t handle requests remotely while working from home because it is very paper based and needs to be moved around. Companies from regions and remote areas need to travel to Addis Ababa multiple times to make information request and apply for licensing.

Stakeholders: companies and individuals

Things to Consider: The solutions must be accessible on multiple device types for flexibility  There needs to a security feature that will authenticate the documentation so they can be verifies and access should be available on low bandwidths and information save for unforeseen internet or power outages

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