Framework for UNDP Ethiopia's Climate Change, Environment and Disaster Risk Management Portfolio

23 Aug 2011

Report Summary

Taking the Government of Ethiopia’s (GoE) priorities as starting points and with a view of strategically positioning UNDP Ethiopia within the national context by refining and refocusing the present Climate Change, Environment, and Disaster Risk Management (CCV) portfolio, this paper proposes three thematic areas as an organizing framework for the CCV portfolio.

These are:
i. Cross-cutting Support for Formulation and Piloting of Low-Emission Climate-
Resilient Development Strategies
ii. Pursuing a Low Emission Economic Growth
iii. Building Resilience through
a. Adaptation, and
b. Disaster Risk Management
It also presents detailed information on each of UNDP Ethiopia’s programmes and projects in the area of climate change, environment, and disaster risk management.

Further, it identifies strategic areas for future consideration to either refining or adding to the existing portfolio.

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