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South-South Trilateral Cooperation Partnership Supports Training on Energy Need Assessment

A four-day Energy Need Assessment Training was held from March 15th-18th,2021, virtually and in Addis Ababa to prepare Ethiopian experts to apply a standardized methodology to undertake energy need…  

Investing in Youth Volunteers to Foster Social Cohesion and Peacebuilding in Ethiopia

Ethiopia this year launched a strategic youth-centered National Voluntary Community Service Programme to help the country create a platform to empower youth to engage in peace, sustain economic…  

Ethiopia - UNDP Accelerator Lab 2020 Review

Growing solutions: Insights from our scaling journey

Throughout 2020, we explored challenges, experimented with ideas, and mapped local solutions on different challenges. The goal was to identify innovative solutions and create a strategy for scaling…  

Generation Unlimited Ethiopia - Partnering with young people to create better opportunities

Generation Unlimited (GenU) Ethiopia organized its first youth engagement workshop in Addis Ababa intending to engage the youth as an active change-maker of the society.  

Network Effect: How we are engaging the innovation ecosystem during the COVID19 pandemic

One of our goals in 2020 was to facilitate the growth of the budding innovation ecosystem in Ethiopia. We wanted to create and strengthen the network between the different actors, institutions,…  

UNDP in partnership with Dalberg handed COVID-19 prevention materials to the most vulnerable population

UNDP has partnered with Dalberg Advisors through Safe Hands Ethiopia Initiative to hand over 720,000 face masks and 720,000 soaps to low income communities in Addis Ababa.  

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