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Promoting South-South and Trilateral Cooperation for Renewable Energy : System Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance

A four-day workshop in Adama, Ethiopia, brought together participants to promote renewable energy technology and skills’ transfer as part of a Ethiopia-China-Sri Lanka tri-lateral cooperation.  

Idea to Buisness to Jobs: Developing Economic Opportunities Through Entrepreneurship

Lidiya is one of the young people starting their entrepreneurship journeys all over the country, shaping their futures and changing society. So, where do they turn to get support navigating the road…  

Ethiopian National Volunteer Community Service Programme

The Government of Ethiopia has launched Ethiopian National Volunteer Community Service Programme. The Programme aims to promote a culture of public service, to foster national integrity, to enhances…  

UNDP-Ethiopia Reintroduces Knowledge Management to Improve Integrated Programming

Knowledge Management is retaking centre stage in the work processes of the UNDP Ethiopia Country Office. This follows a recent re-configuration and tasking on policy and programmatic work of the…  

Celebrating Ethiopia’s renewable energy businesses

The winners of the third and fourth round renewable energy technologies (RET) innovative ideas competition was announced this week.  

Investing in cross borders

Sensing the culture: How can we work better together?

Complex development issues bring challenges calling for innovative solutions that address systemic problems and change how we work. The accelerator labs are part of a new way of working for UNDP and…  

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