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Investing in strategic communication to enhance public engagement against corruption

With the financial and technical support from GDPP, FEACC organized two rounds (each round for 3 days and in July and December 2019) of interactive participatory strategic communication training…  

Democracy is a precious flower……

COVID-19: How to live with risk and succeed

I write this from Ethiopia, a country that is facing a pandemic threatening an impressive record of development progress. Ethiopia has seen its Human Development Index rise to 0.470 in 2018, an…  

Voices of women from the Horn of Africa’s borderlands

A cross-border Ethiopia-Kenya-Somalia project with the support of the European Union is helping create opportunities for vulnerable communities and expand cross-border trade.  

UNDP Africa's Director engages at the 2020 AU Summit

UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa (RBA) Director Ms Ahunna Eziakonwa-Onochie was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to join African Heads of State and leaders of other global and regional organizations at the…  

Government of Canada commits support for Ethiopia’s upcoming national election

The Government of Canada has signed an agreement with UNDP to provide one million Canadian dollars for the multi-partner Supporting Elections for Ethiopia’s Democracy Strengthening (SEEDS) project.  

New Zealand joins partners to support elections in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is scheduled to hold a general election in 2020. This follows a pivotal year for Ethiopia’s transition marked by new dynamics in the relationship of the state with the people, including…  

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