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Celebrating Ethiopia’s renewable energy businesses

The winners of the third and fourth round renewable energy technologies (RET) innovative ideas competition was announced this week.  

Investing in the Lowlands of Ethiopia

UNDP has launched of a new six-year project entitled Climate Change Adaptation in the Lowland Ecosystems of Ethiopia. The USD six million project is funded by the Least Developed Country Fund and will…  

Investing in cross borders

Co-creation: Reinventing how we collect and transport waste

The accelerator lab’s portfolio on waste management looks to generate learning and introduce innovative solutions at various stages of the waste value chain. Over the past few months, we have looked…  

South-South Trilateral Cooperation Partnership Supports Training on Energy Need Assessment

A four-day Energy Need Assessment Training was held from March 15th-18th,2021, virtually and in Addis Ababa to prepare Ethiopian experts to apply a standardized methodology to undertake energy need…  

Fashion Art Food: Stories of people turning waste to livelihood

UNDP Ethiopia's Accelerator Lab went on a three-day safari to explore the informal waste management system in Addis Ababa and this opened their eyes to the many waste-related activities that take…  

UNDP hands over modern composting equipment to Ethiopian cities to ensure robust solid waste management

UNDP hands over modern composting machineries and equipment to six major cities in Ethiopia to ensure robust solid waste management and address existing environmental challenges.  

UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2020-2025) : Ethiopia

The UNSDCF presents the key shared objectives of the United Nations system, the areas in which it intends to support the Government of Ethiopia and its people, and the expected outcomes of its…  

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