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Co-creating Solutions with youth: engaging with the leading force

During the holiday season, UNDP, through its Goh accelerator lab, partnered with ICE Addis, an leading innovation lab in Ethiopia, to provide a platform for university students from across Ethiopia to…  

Accelerator Lab - Exploring Masked Opportunities for Youth

It is time to talk about our UNDP Ethiopia accelerator lab plan as we start on our journey. I would say it is an exciting time for our country. Over the past years, Ethiopia’s economy has been among…  

Human Development Report 2019

Celebrating Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia

Stabilization and recovery support for communities affected by Gedeo-West Guji displacement

Promoting Rural Energy Technologies (RET) project aims to reduce Ethiopia’s energy-related CO2 emissions by app 2 m tonnes CO2e by promoting renewable energy and low GHG-producing technologies as a…  

Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

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