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Generation Unlimited Ethiopia - Partnering with young people to create better opportunities

Generation Unlimited (GenU) Ethiopia organized its first youth engagement workshop in Addis Ababa intending to engage the youth as an active change-maker of the society.  

COVD-19 Challenge Grant: Local Solutions for Continuity of Government Functions

UNDP Ethiopia and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology are looking for innovative digital solutions for government service to be explored and tested in the challenge areas described below.  

Transhumance routes for survival

For a significant population of the Horn of Africa, pastoralism and agropastoral livelihood represent a critical and a main way of life and income to survive and support own families. The seasonal…  

UNDP Joins Safe Hands Ethiopia Coalition

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is partnering with Dalberg Catalyst to support the Safe Hands Ethiopia coalition on COVID19, which brings together private sector, government and civil…  

Embracing grassroot solutions to embrace and accelerate learning

When the COIVD-19 pandemic reached Ethiopia in March 2020, the accelerator lab wanted to identify local solutions that could support the fight against COIVD. However, sourcing solutions across the…  

Investing in strategic communication to enhance public engagement against corruption

With the financial and technical support from GDPP, FEACC organized two rounds (each round for 3 days and in July and December 2019) of interactive participatory strategic communication training…  

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