Democratic governance
& Capacity Development

UNDP believes there is a need to accelerate the reform process to further advance good governance and embed democratic principles at all levels and across the country, in line with the GTP-II, the constitution and key human rights instruments that Ethiopia has ratified.

Through its Governance and Democratic Participation Programme (GDPP), UNDP works to advance good governance and entrench democratic principles at all levels and across the country. GDPP aims to support government in its efforts to enhance its responsiveness and to promote an all-inclusive and sustainable development agenda by strengthening governance institutions, mechanisms and processes that facilitate and promote transparency and accountability, rule of law and justice, wider civic participation, national cohesion and peace.

Since 2013 UNDP strengthens the capacity of the Ethiopian Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC) to enhance the technical skills and knowledge of local and international peacekeeping practitioners to promote peace and security in the continent. The PSTC provides international trainings on conflict prevention, conflict management, post conflict recovery and dialogue, negotiation and mediation courses to the local and international military, police and civilian peacekeeping practitioner.

The joint UN programme on Inclusive Governance and Conflict Management Support Project take advantage of the current political window of opportunity and to capitalize on the positive changes and help ensure women’s and youth’s participation in political decisions, reconciliation and conflict management.

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