Democratic governance
& Capacity Development

Strengthening capacities

As one of Africa’s oldest states, Ethiopia has experienced various forms of statebuilding. The Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, which espouses parliamentary federalism, contains a bill of rights guarantying freedom, equality and social justice. Through the federal arrangement, the constitution empowered the ‘nations and nationalities’ to rule themselves, to manage their local affairs and to promote their language and cultural identities.

UNDP's approach to Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding  in Ethiopia is tailored into strengthening the capacities of national and subnational instituitions on the below priority areas.

  • Strengthening transparency, accountability, rule of law and ensuring adherence to international human rights oblidations
  • Prevention and enforcement of anti-corruption measures
  • Building national capacities to promote social cohesion and conflict prevention
  • Consolidation of democratic processes
  • Advancing local governance and decentralized service delivery including active citizen engagement

Programmes and Initiatives

Governance and Democratic Participation Programme
Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre
Cross-border cooperation between Ethiopia and Kenya for conflict prevention and peacebuilding in Marsabit-Moyale cluster


50% of the cabinet


37% of parliamentary seats


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