Speech - Peace Support Operations Curriculum Validation Workshop

May 6, 2014

Speech by Bettina Woll, Deputy Country Director for Programmes, UNDP Ethiopia


Your Excellency, Major General Hassen Ebrahim;

Your Excellency, Mr Kenji Yokota,

Senior Government Officials and Development Partners;

Colleagues from the UN and the African Union Commission;

Distinguished Military Personnel, Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, on behalf of UNDP Ethiopia I would like to commend the Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre for organizing today’s curriculum validation workshop. We gather here today to move forward on-going activities that will soon have the Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre functioning at full capacity. 


UNDP is honoured to support the Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre in facilitating this curriculum validation workshop. We believe that this validation is both timely and an important component of the curriculum development process. The proposed curriculum – designed to steer the operations of a first of its kind peace-keeping training centre for the region – has a paramount relevance to address emerging peace-building and human security challenges facing African countries.  


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ethiopia continues to play a key role in promoting conflict prevention and human security through continuous support that the country renders to regional and continental peace-building mechanisms, including the African Union’s peace-keeping missions. Worldwide, Ethiopia ranks as the fourth country that contributes peace-keepers to international peacekeeping missions, and first in Africa. This is a truly remarkable achievement and sets the tone for areas of focus of the Centre and indeed its peacekeeping training curriculum.


Although incidents of large-scale armed conflict are gradually declining in Africa, situations of low-intensity conflict are likely to remain a regional challenge and will constitute a threat to stability and sustainable development in the region. The training of future peace operations personnel must, of necessity, address the different dimensions of the challenges of conflict and post-conflict environments. 


Hence, the capacity within Africa should be strengthened - as part of the African Peace and Security Architecture - to prevent conflicts, respond to manage conflicts, and respond to post-conflict situations and human security needs. Moreover, such efforts should be designed in a manner that ensures countries emerging from conflict are duly supported when conflict ends and reconstruction or recovery processes begin.


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

As UNDP, we are committed to contribute to strengthening the capacity of the Center in terms of providing a quality training package that responds to the above-mentioned concerns. The support that UNDP provides to the Centre is grounded in the belief that enhancing the capacity of African practitioners to bring about changes that improve human security, is a cost-efficient and sustainable way of ameliorating human security threats. Enhancing the capacity of the region in general and that of Ethiopia as a hub for the training of peacekeepers is particularly important, since internal regional capacity is a guarantee for responsible and effective peace building and sustainable development.  UNDP is encouraged by regional and national successes and gains in these respects.

Again, as UNDP we strongly believe that the Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre will become a hallmark institution specializing in equipping practitioners working in Africa with enhanced knowledge and improved practical skills. The shared knowledge and skills will particularly focus on a broad range of human security issues pertaining to conflict prevention, management and recovery.  This is done with the goal of enhancing peace practitioners’ capacities to contribute more effectively to policy and behavioural changes that enhance both the achievement of human security and sustainable peace in Africa.


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

UNDP is mandated to support conflict prevention and recovery, as well as improving human security, with particular focus on strengthening peace-building and development efforts in countries worldwide. The UNDP ensures that this is done through supporting countries and regions to set-up peace-keeping training centres, for instance. Notable examples are the UNDP-supported peace keeping training centres in Ghana, Egypt, and Kenya (for Somalia), as well as the Malaysian Peacekeeping Training Centre launched for the Asian region. In all cases, UNDP provides its support in partnership with Japan, just like in Ethiopia. Hence, our support to the Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre complements the support that we are globally committed to.

On behalf of UNDP, I wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Government of Japan for the excellent partnership and unreserved support provided to the establishment of the Centre. We commend the Centre’s continued evolution which has brought it to a level in which it is able to run courses on Conflict Prevention, Conflict Management and Post-conflict recovery, which will greatly contribute to Ethiopia’s and regional capacity in contributing to the peace architecture and conflict prevention mechanisms in Africa.


I would like to express my appreciation to the Government of Ethiopia for its extended commitment to the realization of the Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Centre. We as the UNDP remain committed to the partnership with the Government and commend the quality of the processes that were undertaken while developing the draft curriculum.


I would also like to reaffirm our commitment to work with the Ministry of National Defence of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Government of Japan because we believe peace and security is and should be a priority agenda for sustainable development in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, we are here to validate the curriculum of the new Center, an action that is tremendously instrumental towards achieving the Centre’s vision. The vision being not only to become a center of excellence in peace-building and human security,  but to also to enhance the deployment of skilled personnel into both the UN and AUC peacekeeping operations and peace support operations. Our Country Office stands ready to support the completion of the validation of the curriculum and also its successful and timely implementation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizing team.


This workshop provides an avenue for all of us to bring our expertise, contribute to discussions and build recommendations of this workshop which will undoubtedly benefit the centre and the wider objective of building capacity to promote peace and stability in the African continent.


Thank you!

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