Speech - Ethiopian Civil Service University First Batch Graduation of the students of Institute of Leadership and Good Governance

Feb 16, 2013

Delivered by UNDP Deputy Country Director, Bettina Woll

Your Excellency Ato Muktar Kedir, Deputy Prime Minister for Good Governance and Reform Cluster and Minister of the Civil Service,

Your Excellency Mrs. Brigitte Collet, Ambassador of France to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative of France to the African Union,

Your Excellency Dr. Haile Michael Abera, President of the Ethiopian Civil Service University,

Distinguished guests, staff of the university, graduating class and parents,  

Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a privilege and an honour to be here today on the occasion of the graduation ceremony of the first batch of the Institute of Good Governance and Leadership. I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of UNDP Ethiopia and congratulate the graduating class for their achievement.   

We at UNDP are convinced that the establishment of the Institute of Good Governance and Leadership — with a mandate to produce able leaders —will be serving Ethiopia as a nation in its endeavors to meet the overarching aims of the Growth and Transformation Plan and the Millennium Development Goals. Training institutes, such as the Institute of Leadership and Good Governance, can contribute to the nation’s efforts to consolidate democratic governance and ensure rapid and sustainable development. We also believe that the nurturing and enhancement of good governance is a major pillar in the development of the country and a tool to foster growth and transformation. UNDP’s support to the Ethiopian Government in this respect is rooted in our conviction that good governance is strategically important — as an engine for leading and ensuring sustainable, green and equitable development in the country.


Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,


As many of you know, UNDP Ethiopia, in close partnership with the Government of France, has been supporting the Institute of Leadership and Good Governance since its establishment. Our support is aiming to enable the Institute, as an instrument of the Civil Service Reform Programme, to shape able civil servants and leaders who will serve the country in various leadership positions.


UNDP Ethiopia is greatly honoured to be associated with the Institute of Leadership and Good Governance. We believe that our support will enable the Institute to serve as a center for building strong and effective leadership at all levels and in all sectors. The support we extend to the Institute is an integral part of UNDP’s mission of contributing to ‘Empowered Lives and Resilient Nations’. You may be aware that UNDP in Ethiopia is translating this mission into action by means of three programme components: Climate Change and Vulnerabilities; Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction; and Good Governance and Capacity Building. The Institute is being supported as part of the latter component.


At UNDP, we hold the deep and passionate belief that the establishment and functionality of the Institute benefits from global opportunities for knowledge sharing of best practices. As a multilateral organization, we feel privileged to play a facilitating role for such exchanges. In 2009, we organized a benchmarking tour to France, Syria, India and Thailand. In 2012, similar visits were organized to France and Germany. We at UNDP are happy to learn that these opportunities served their purpose and express deepest gratitude to the participating institutions in the host countries for these exchanges. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the role of the French École nationale d'administration, which hosted the high level delegation on two occasions and was willing and very helpful in sharing experiences.


We commend the Institute of Leadership and Good Governance for having embarked on a process of standardizing its programmes, and are proud to see that this is done on the basis of the benchmarking experiences and lessons learnt from similar institutes. The standardization of its programmes — coupled with efforts to of strengthen its human resource capacity in terms of governance, teaching, training, consulting, and researching — will certainly continue to improve the quality of its programmes.  The Institute is doing its best to make itself a centre of excellence in the area of leadership. Growing partnerships with ministries, agencies and the private sector will help the Institute to further improve and sharpen its programme and collaborate with public and private institutions.


Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to reaffirm UNDP’s commitment to work with the Ministry of Civil Service, the Ethiopian Civil Service University and with the Institute of Leadership and Good Governance, because we believe the Institute is instrumental in bringing changes in the overall leadership capacity of this nation.   


Effective, responsive, accessible and transparent leadership is a pillar of democratic governance. The able leadership of empowered leaders is a key factor that contributes to the achievement of equitable, inclusive and sustainable development in Ethiopia. 




Let me now take this opportunity to congratulate the graduating class. On behalf of UNDP, I am wishing you all a successful career as leaders serving your nation! Your leadership will enable Ethiopia to implement the common vision of the national Growth and Transformation Plan and help the country realize its ambition of becoming a middle-income, carbon-neutral nation.


Thank you.

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