Intrapreneurship training to enhance senior government officials’ support for nationwide entrepreneurship expansion

Dec 15, 2014

Senior officials and experts from Federal and Regional Micro and Small Enterprises Agencies (FeMSEDA and ReMSEDA) are taking part in a five day customized workshop on intrapreneurship in Addis Ababa.

FeMSEDA and ReMSEDA are responsible for creating numerous jobs and help increase the income of Ethiopia’s workforce by creating a reliable, broad-based competitive sector for industrial development.

The training is organized by the Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC), which is working with EMPRETEC Ghana to bring in trainers from Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The training on intrapreneship, aims to instill risk taking and innovation by staff at the FeMSEDA and ReMSEDA as a way to improve service delivery and support to micro, small and medium enterprises and thus fast-track private sector development in Ethiopia.  

FeMSEDA and ReMSEDA senior managers and experts will be introduced to the art of thinking like the entrepreneurs whom they support in their day to day engagements.

Mr Gebremeskel Challa, Director-General at FeMSEDA stressed the importance of strengthening the institution capacity of government as it worked on implementing initiatives to transform the economy of Ethiopia through supporting the creation of a sustainable pipeline of indigenous, viable and successful businesses.

UNDP Resident Representative, Mr Eugene Owusu noted that the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP), launched by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in February 2013, was an extraordinary programme linked to the economic development of Ethiopia. “EDP is about the destiny of this country,” he underlined. Reflecting on Ethiopia’s ambition to become a middle income country by 2015, Mr. Owusu noted that this could be done by supporting more business plans to become realities on the ground. “By promoting entrepreneurship development, all of you here can ensure the take-off of the private sector in Ethiopia, providing an engine of growth for years to come.”


A follow-up training of trainers (ToT) will be organized in which some select middle-level managers and experts taking part in this week’s intrapreneurship training will also participate. This move is to supplement efforts at building a strong base of business advisors reaching all across Ethiopia.


In addition to the Intrapreneurship training for civil servants, EDC is also organizing this week customised Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW) for medium size enterprise owners coming from a variety of cross-cutting sectors including food processing, textile, leather, chemical, metal and construction, as well as metal industries. Through this training, participants will receive skills that will enhance competitiveness and job creation capacities. Nine regular ETW sessions are also taking place simultaneously in Bahir Dar, Hawassa and Mekele.

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