Call for Papers -Dry lands Management Policy Forum

Dec 23, 2013

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Afar Environmental Protection and Land Administration Agency would like to invite researchers to present papers on Dry lands Management Policy Forum which will take place on February 5-6/2014 in the Palace of Afar National  Regional State.

    1. Background


The dry lands cover about 70 % of the total landmass of the Ethiopia (NAP, 1998).


Cognizant of these multidimensional challenges in the region, a project entitled “Afar Integrated Dryland Management Project” was initiated and implemented since 2010. The Afar Integrated Dry land Management Project (AIDMP) aims to build the environmental management capacity at community/kebele and wereda level based on the 5 pilot Woredas/Districts Climate Change Adaptation Programmes prepared through the participation of Regional, Woreda and Federal level stakeholders. The Adaptation Programme has identified vulnerability of the pastoral communities and their environment, the available adaptive capacity and possible response measures to be taken at different levels.


The AIDMP also aims to contribute to building the regional Climate Resilient Green Economy (CREG) platform, which intrinsically linked to sustainable dry lands management, comprising of stakeholders from the Federal, Regional, Woreda,  The Regional and the Woreda Climate Change Adaptation Programms prepared are central to the AIDMP strategy: to assist Afar communities to strengthen their resilience to the challenges of land degradation and to maintain and diversify livelihoods in difficult environmental conditions that are increasingly exacerbated by changes in weather patterns.

     2. Objectives of the Policy Forum   

The policy forum aims at creating an opportunity for all key stakeholders, community representatives, local, regional and federal government policy makers, academia and research institutions CSO and development partners to deliberate on the key lessons of the AIDLM project and other dry lands management programs and projects.

The policy Forum will take place at the Palace of the Afar National Regional State   on February 5-6/2014 with the objectives of:

·       Identifying  the policy gaps for scaling up of Afar Integrated Dry lands Management best practices  in different parts of the region; creating   awareness of the larger public about the importance of dry lands and their contribution for the country’s economy;  

·       Sharing experiences  among the various stake holders on the benefits of sustainably managing and utilizing the arid lands;  and

·       Mobilizing additional resources from potential donors for scaling up of best practices from the implementation of AIDMP and other similar programs and projects on dry lands.  

3. Format of the Policy Dialogue

The Policy Forum is structured  into three distinct sessions; session I on the  achievements and lesson form AIDLM, session II  on general issues and best practise in dry lands management and session III plenary discussion and recommendation in  association with  Session II,

UNDP Ethiopia and Afar Environmental Protection, Land Use and Administration Agency wishes to invite for research papers. Selected commissioned papers will be presented and discussed in the Policy Forum under the following thematic areas:

4. Thematic areas

1. Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience building in the dry lands: issues, best practices and challenges;

2. Dry lands ecosystem management: issues, best practices and challenges;

3. Livestock production value chain in the context of enhancing pastoralists’ livelihoods

4. Institutional and policy issues in the conservation and sustainable utilization of dry lands: challenges and opportunities   

5. For Submission of Paper 

Accepted papers will comprise original work not previously published, with focus on the Ethiopian context and the dry lands ecosystem management in Ethiopia. Papers must be well researched with all facts and figures clearly cross referenced. Papers must be researched based on an analysis/synthesis of desk reviews of dry lands management practices by various actors in Ethiopia. Authors may submit paper as an individual or in groups with lead author clearly indicated.

Interested authors are invited to submit abstracts of not more than 2 pages on one of the thematic areas indicated above. The abstract papers shall be reviewed by the Panel of Experts established at UNDP and selected abstract papers will be notified to develop the full paper. The UNDP will pay attractive honorarium for the selected papers and findings of the Forum and the selected research papers will be published.

 6.Dates of sub mission of abstracts and full papers

Abstract: January 4, 2014

Notification of acceptance of paper  January 9, 2014

Submission of final manuscript: January 25, 2014

7. Sponsorship

Support is reserved for one presenter per selected paper to travel and make the presentation at the policy dialogue.

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