Enabling Ethiopia’s Public Services Sector

ILG Graduates Second Batch of 2013 ( 13 July 2013)

Transparency, efficiency and accountability form core outcomes expected for the public service sector of Ethiopia since the implementation of the Civil Service Programme a few years ago.

In linking good governance to sustainable economic development and ensuring active public participation in such processes, the role that civil servants play is beyond debate.

The Government of Ethiopia has taken several actions to boost the sector through a partnership with the UNDP.

At the forefront of this revitalization are both trainings and specialised courses made available to top, middle and grassroots civil servant professionals. UNDP support has resulted in the establishment of the Institute of Leadership and Good Governance, ILG in the Civil Service University of Ethiopia.

The second batch of graduates from the ILG completed a two-year Masters course in July 2013, with more women having joined the programme. The latter was quoted as a great improvement towards enhancing the participation of women in the civil service sector hence; assisting women assume leadership within government structures.

Speaking at the graduation, H.E. Mr Muktar Kedir, with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, (also Coordinator of Good Governance and Reform Cluster and Civil Service Minister) reminded graduates of their responsibility towards serving the public, also noting the need for attitude change and versatility informed through education thus received.

Building Ethiopia’s human resource capacities particularly within the public services sector advances social sector development envisioned in the national Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) which notes that, ‘social development plays a key role in enhancing people’s living standards, poverty eradication, economic growth and stable governance.’

As Ethiopia embarks on a journey to become a middle income country by 2025, efficient government structures run by accountable civil service professionals become central to aspired conditions both for the country and its people. The UNDP will continue to support efforts towards strengthening and consolidating thus far achieved progress in the public service delivery sector and other democratic institutions in Ethiopia, as part of broader support rendered to achieve sustainable good governance at grassroots, regional and federal levels.

This successful graduation is therefore yet another marker of the achievements and successes that the Institute of Leadership and Good Governance will continue to secure particularly in relation to enhancing more efficient and accountable public administration function; and services delivered to the Ethiopian public by the Government of Ethiopia. 

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