Entrepreneurship Development Programme

What is the project about

Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) has identified the development of growth-oriented micro and small enterprises (MSEs) as an effective private sector development strategy, which can contribute to the country’s inclusive economic growth agenda.

The GTP emphasizes the need to provide comprehensive support to MSEs and existing medium sized enterprises to unleash their full potential to create wealth and jobs, and thereby help to substantially reduce poverty. 

However, many MSEs currently operate in the informal sector which is disproportionally represented by women and the poor. Those people are paid substantially less than those in formal businesses and their contribution to the economic growth is limited.

Employment opportunities, especially for young people graduating from colleges and women, remains a challenge.

Development of entrepreneurship and support to business start-ups helps address this employment gap, helping people to develop their own potential and find ways to generate income and employment for themselves and others.

What have we accomplished so far?

Ø  EDC offices have become operational in Addis Ababa and four regional cities (Bahir Dar, Bishoftu, Hawassa and Mekelle).


Ø  Over 30,000 entrepreneurs (38% of whom are female) joined training sessions for entrepreneurship.


Ø  Over 7,000 entrepreneurs have received BDS support.


Ø  212 entrepreneurship trainers available in country to provide training. 39 of the trainers have been certified as national master trainers by UNCTAD.


Ø  403 trained business development advisors available to support the programme

Who finance it?

The total funding require for the full scale implementation of the Programme is USD 26 million. UNDP has committed a total of USD 6 million for the 3-year programme period. in 2014 Canada is a key partner in the programme and has committed USD 5.8 million. Microsoft East Africa has also come on board to support the EDP through providing access to training, mentorship and tools.

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