Entrepreneurship Development Programme

What is the project about

Under Ethiopia’s Growth Transformation Plan (GTP), development of growth-oriented micro and small enterprises (MSEs) was identified as an effective private sector development strategy which can contribute to the country’s bottom-up economic growth and bring about a transformational change in the economy.

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme seeks to bring about a transformational change and unleash the growth potential of MSEs through entrepreneurial and business management skills training and provision of comprehensive business advisory services. The project also focuses on strengthening of business capacity of existing medium and small enterprises.

The programme directly supports the building of entrepreneurial skills and mindsets potential entrepreneurs, particularly women and youth, and supports the Government’s efforts in establishing service institutions for sustainable provision of entrepreneurship development support.

What have we accomplished so far?

As of August 2014, the Entrepreneurship Development Programme the      EDC  office in Addis Ababa has been joined by presence in four regional cities, namely, Bahir Dar, Bishoftu, Hawassa and Mekelle.

An Innovative Investment Facility's office was recently set up in Addis Ababa in order to facilitate access to finance through the availability of soft loans, grants, private equity and venture capital.

  • Total 5692 people (30% of them are female) joined a training session for entrepreneurship.
  • 125 people are certified as trainers.
  • 960 beneficiaries received BDS services.

Who finance it?

The total funding require for the full scale implementation of the Programme is USD 26 million. UNDP has committed a total of USD 6 million for the 3-year programme period. in 2014 Canada is a key partner in the programme and has committed USD 5.8 million. Microsoft East Africa has also come on board to support the EDP through providing access to training, mentorship and tools.

Project Overview
Project start date:
Estimated end date:
Geographic coverage:
Focus Area:
Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction
Project officer:
Yoshiaki Noguchi, Yoshiaki.Noguchi@undp.org
Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, Federal Micro and Small Enterprise Development Agency, Canada, Microsoft East Africa