Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction

  • Enhancing National Capacity for Agricultural Growth and Transformation

    Through this project UNDP provides institutional capacity building for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Transformation Agency who are undertaking substantive and transformative intervention measures that are aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security.

  • Enhanced Economic Growth

    The Enhanced Economic Growth project focuses on supporting Ethiopia's Economic Growth Corridors (EGC), including the preparation of a national framework and strategy; detailed study of an EGC; strengthening the capacity of EGC institutions at both federal and regional levels; and detailing investment and agro-industrial plan for the EGCs that would promote public-private partnerships.

  • Private Sector Development

    UNDP’s Private Sector Development project helps to strengthen the capacity of the Ethiopian private sector through interventions that include enhancing public-private dialogue, institutional strengthening of the chambers and women entrepreneurs, as well as the leather industry.

  • Harnessing Diversity for Sustainable Development and Social Change

    The Joint Programme on Harnessing Diversity for Sustainable Development and Social Change helps to further develop Ethiopia's ongoing efforts to alleviate poverty through harnessing the immense potential of the cultural as well as the natural diversity of Ethiopia towards sustaining the Country’s development and social progress.

  • Local Economic Development (LED)

    The Local Economic Development (LED) project supports the Government of Ethiopia seeks to strengthen public-private partnerships at regional and local levels in order to stimulate investments, generate employment and create an enabling environment for private sector and entrepreneurial development.

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme

    The Entrepreneurship Development Programme seeks to bring about a transformational change and unleash the growth potential of MSEs through entrepreneurial and business management skills training and provision of comprehensive business advisory services. The project also focuses on strengthening of business capacity of existing medium and small enterprises.

OUR WORK - Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction

UNDP intervention in Ethiopia follows a broad-based approach that strategically engages in supporting the country’s poverty reduction efforts in a manner that promotes economic growth. 

UNDP does this, on the one hand, through high level engagements with the government to provide policy advice and support emerging transformative initiatives.

On the other hand, UNDP’s presence on the ground is felt through its capacity building support to public and private institutions. It also works closely with local authorities to expand opportunities for citizens’ to tackle poverty and expand their economic growth opportunities.


In order to push forward the equitable growth agenda, UNDP is partnering with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) to set up a Financial Inclusion Unit. The unit will coordinate projects using electronic systems to ensure financial inclusion

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