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UNDP Ethiopia projects are designed in consultation with the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the priority areas of the country. UNDP Project are in line with the United Nations Development Action Framework (UNDAF) and focus on three major pillars of Good Governance & Human Rights; Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction; and Climate Change, Environment and DRM.

Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development

  • Enhancing National Capacity for Agricultural Growth and Transformation

    Through this project UNDP provides institutional capacity building for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Transformation Agency who are undertaking substantive and transformative intervention measures that are aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security.

  • The Enhanced Economic Growth project focuses on supporting Ethiopia's Economic Growth Corridors (EGC), including the preparation of a national framework and strategy; detailed study of an EGC; strengthening the capacity of EGC institutions at both federal and regional levels; and detailing investment and agro-industrial plan for the EGCs that would promote public-private partnerships.

  • This project seeks to provide catalytic support towards strengthening the national capacity for enterprise development in the area of the industrial sector. The project’s key interventions include making industrial sector wide advice available; formulating policy, strategies and solutions for enhanced growth in the manufacturing sector; building the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Industry and selected institutions; and promotion of investment in the industrial sector.

Democratic Governance

  • The Developing Regional States (DRS) is a UN Joint and Government project the seeks to strengthen the capacity for quality local governance and improve social service delivery.

  • Strengthening National Capacities for Conflict Prevention and Peace Building

    This project seeks to strengthen capacities of the government, local communities and other relevant stakeholders to respond to situations that threaten the lives and wellbeing of communities. The initiative helps the stakeholders undertake rapid and appropriate action to ensure their survival, care, protection and recovery. At the same time, the communities' resilience to shocks is enhanced strengthening food security and sustaining livelihoods.

  • This project supports the country's efforts to create competent leadership in Ethiopia at the top level. Top leadership are equiped with new development paradigms and cutting-edge knowledge as well as experience and innovative development solutions drawing from the lessons and best practices of other countries.

Climate Resilient Green Growth

  • Coping with Drought & Climate Change

    Coping with Drought & Climate Change project (CWDCC) is one of the four Global Environment Facility (GEF) medium size projects being implemented in Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia financed by the GEF Climate Change Adaptation Fund.

  • Strengthening National Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihoods Recovery

    This Project primarily focuses on building institutional capacity in Ethiopia for Disaster Risk Reduction and resilience and recovery capacity of communities prone to disaster.

  • Support to Ethiopia's Climate Resilient Green Economy

    Ethiopia seeks to attain a triple win of achieving middle income country status, carbon neutrality and climate resilient economy by year 2025. In view of formulation and implementation of the Climate Resilient Green Economy National Vision and Strategy, this programme responds to the need expressed by the different ministries and agencies of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, namely the Ministry Of Agriculture, Ministry Of Faineance And Economic Development, Ministry Of Water And Energy, Ministry Of Industry And Environmental Protection Authority.

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