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What is the project about

The project “Strengthening National Capacities for Conflict Prevention and Peace Building”  seeks to build the institutional and technical capacities of the Ministry of Federal Affairs to develop and implement conflict prevention and management mechanisms at all levels. 

The project focuses mainly on strengthening national conflict prevention architecture (including data collection, conflict analysis, early warning, and response system incorporating internal mediation capacities at the federal, regional and local levels). An important element of this project is its commitment to promote the culture of peace through facilitated consultative processes at the national, regional and local levels and subsequently implemented through local media, educational institutions and civic organizations.

The project mainly focuses on strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and its regional partners to perform the functions entrusted to them, and thereby contribute to the prevalence of peace and create enabling environments for sustainable development in Ethiopia. The support further focuses on strengthening the national conflict prevention architecture through capacity development for pro-active conflict mitigation and peace-building measures.

UNDP plays a coordination role in the design, implementation/monitoring and evaluation phases of the project including resource mobilization. UNDP has also provided the necessary funding, and as part of its support, it also assisted the government in establishing and implementing conflict early warning mechanisms for thorough conflict analysis and rapid response by the federal and regional governments, and even communities.

What have we accomplished so far

  • The project contributed to the strengthening of the national conflict prevention architecture that engages actors at national, regional and community members (women and traditional elders). More specifically, it supported the establishment of a federal Early Warning System for rapid response by the federal and regional governments and communities;
  • Through the project, the government has been able to enhance multi-stakeholder consultations, research and monitoring and evaluation to bring out and better understand deep root causes of conflict;
  • UNDP supported Ethiopia establishment of conflict early warning centers in 39 conflict-prone districts throughout the country with a view to enhancing conflict prevention and peaceful resolution capacities;
  • Some 268 trained field monitors have been trained leading to enhanced regional states capacities to plan, implement and monitor peace building initiatives;



The project calls for USD 600,000. UNDP is currently financing the project from its core resources. UNDP's Regional Service Centre and other development partners are expected to provide funds to scale up the activities.

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