UNDP in Ethiopia

23 Aug 2012

The main purpose of UNDP’s Country Programme is to support the Government and the people of Ethiopia to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and to build a climate-resilient green economy and society.

UNDP has a proven track record of bringing to bear knowledge and evidence-based solutions to meet Ethiopia’s ambition of accelerated and sustainable development.

Our partnership will continue based on helping Ethiopia move towards being a climate-resilient green economy and a resilient nation with strong democratic and equitable development. UNDP’s ability to leverage its core resources and global knowledge network to mobilize financial and human resources and technology is proving to be a vital asset in this regard.

UNDP aims to focus on providing catalytic support to help  address the challenge of strengthening national capacity to implement the country’s development priorities. It does this through:
• Strengthening organizational and institutional capacities to
deliver on national policies, strategies and programmes;
• Contributing to the promotion of multi-stakeholder dialogue
on key issues of policy, regulation and frameworks for
accelerated and sustainable development; and
• Providing targeted catalytic interventions that will inform policy and facilitate the scaling-up of good practices for
nationwide impact.

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