Green Economy and Progress in Ethiopia

06 Dec 2011

Report Summary

Ethiopia’s resolve to transition its economic development path towards a green
economy model is a fundamental and critical decision that reflects a visionary
leadership and aspiration of becoming a middle income country by 2025. Ethiopia’s Green Economy Strategy is expected to be launched during the Durban Climate Change Conference scheduled for December 2011. It is a major part of Ethiopia’s overall Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Initiative and will have an important demonstration effects to many countries in Africa, and indeed the developing world where the Ethiopian development model is most relevant.

The initiatives in the CRGE strategy are aligned with those prioritized for support through the international climate finance and domestic public and private financing arrangements that are being developed at country level. Over the course of 2012 and 2013, these initiatives will be further elaborated into comprehensive sectoral investment plans that will guide coordinated implementation of the CRGE strategy.

The report gives indicative estimates that the scale of overall investments needed to green the global economy could be of the order of 2% of global GDP per year in the period up to 2050.

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