UNDP in Ethiopia

29 Aug 2012

Report Summary

Ethiopia has witnessed significant improvements in terms of human development over the past decade and, with huge investments being made
in infrastructure and access to social services being enhanced, the country is broadening and deepening the transformation that is taking place.

Ethiopia’s vision to become a middle-income and carbon-neutral country by 2025 is unique in Africa, especially given the double challenges involved in making rapid economic development green. The United Nations Development Programme is proud to be a partner of choice of the Government of Ethiopia in turning this ambitious vision into reality.

UNDP is on the ground in 177 countries, helping support nationally owned solutions to global and national development challenges, which positions us uniquely to assist Ethiopia to find its own path to reducing poverty and
promoting human development.

Over the past decade, UNDP has made strategic contributions to Ethiopia’s national development priorities by working in partnership with the Government, civil society, the international donor community and the private sector to
transform policies and capacitate institutions in order to accelerate human development.

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