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Where our money comes from and what we spend it on?

Core funds are the pillar of UNDP’s support to the world’s poorest countries and enable us to respond quickly and flexibly to crises. In 2014, UNDP allocated 90% of core programme resources to Low Income Countries and 74% to Least Developed Countries.

Core resources also form the bedrock of the UN Resident Coordinator system, which UNDP leads, ensuring co- ordination of UN operations around the world. In 2014, 56 countries contributed a total of $793 million in core resources. (Read more about UNDP's corporate funding channels and top contributors and partners)


UNDP Ethiopia parters with a number or donors who provide the majority of funding for our threes programmes:Promoting Good Governance and Human RightsEnhancing Economic Growth for Poverty Reduction, and Supporting Climate Change Adaptation, Green Growth and Disaster Risk Management.

UNDP's core resources,which constitute approximately one third of our annual delivery – are used as seed funding to kick start programmes, demonstrate initial results and to help attract additional funding from our donors.

Thus, our core resources are used to leverage our technical and managerial expertise and to provide a programmatic framework for our partners to make investments into strategic areas of support. 

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